How to make Agniasthra Organic Pesticide

Agniasthra Organic Pesticide

            In the recent past, many farmers and tuning themselves as Organic farmers using organic pesticides in their fields. There is no difference between organic pesticides and natural pesticides. Organic Pesticides play a major role in Organic Farming. There are various Organic pesticides viz., organic fungicides and organic insecticides. Agniasthra is a natural or organic Insecticide used in order to control various notorious insect pests in the agrifarm. In this post, we will let you know about how to prepare Agniasthra organic pesticide, materials required for Agniasthra natural pesticide, uses of Agniasthra, and how to spray or apply Agniasthra Organic insecticide on crop plants.

            Agniasthra organic pesticide is also known as AgniMissile as it works as a missile on crop pests.

Agniasthra Uses and Benefits

There are various uses of Agniasthra such as it never causes harm to crop plants and beneficial insects. It only attacks the insect pests that are harmful to the crop plants.

Materials required for Agniasthra Organic Pesticide

  1. Earthen pot – 1 no. (50 lt  capacity)
  2. Cow Urine – 10 lt
  3. Neem leaves pulp – 5 kg
  4. Green Chilli – 500 gm
  5. Tobacco leaves – 1 kg
  6. Garlic – 500 gm

Agniasthra Preparation process

  1. Take an earthen pot and add 10 lt local cow urine into it.
  2. Then add 1 kg of tobacco leaves by crushing them in the urine.
  3. Crush 500 grams of green chili & 500 grams of local garlic and add it into the cow urine.
  4. Further, add 5 kg neem leaves pulp and boil this prepared solution well 5 times continuously.
  5. Let this solution ferment for about 24 hours and filter this using a muslin cloth.
  6. Agniasthra is then ready to use.

How to Spray Agniasthra Organic Insecticide

  • Spray the AgniAstra @10% (10ml in 1000 ml water) to control various insect pests like leaf roller, stem borer, fruit borer, pod borer.
  • Agniasthra organic insecticide can be sprayed on crops such as vegetable crops, fruit crops, cotton, paddy and all other crops.
  • Always spray Natural or Organic pesticides such as Agniasthra during evening hours between 4 PM to 6 PM.

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