How to make Neem Oil from Neem Leaves

How to Make Neem Oil Biopesticide: Neem leaves act as an effective insecticide in controlling plant pests to a great extent. Of course, all the parts of the Neem tree play an essential role in Agri Farming. In the recent times of Organic Agriculture Farming, many farmers are moving towards Neem oil to control the various insect pests in their farms. Although, many of the farmers are unaware of how to make Neem oil from Neem leaves. No worries, we will let you know how to make Neem oil from Neem leaves, then helps the farmers as well as the home gardeners.

Steps to Make Neem Oil Biopesticide from Neem Leaves

Step 1: Cutting and Washing: Collect the green and fresh Neem leaves from the plants and wash the neem leaves thoroughly. Make sure there are now sand or dust particles. It is better to collect 10 kg Neem leaves if it is the first time making neem oil.

Step 2: Drying the Neem leaves: Sundry the Neem leaves for about 48 to 72 hours. Make sure the whole leaves are adequately dried.

Step 3: Crushing: Crush the sun-dried Neem leaves using a mortar and pestle. The crushed material is then winnowed to achieve the further step to get the Neem oil.

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Step 4: Sieving: The pounded powder is then sieved using a fine mesh in order to obtain a fine greenish powder.

Step 5: Steaming: The obtained Neem powder is then steamed by placing it over boiling water for about 30-40 minutes. Close the bowl with a lid after putting it in the boiling water. This leads to the formation of Neem leaves dough from which you can extract Neem oil Biopesticide readily. However, one can also go for Neem oil extraction using a pressing machine that may incur extra costs.

The farmer can obtain around 1 lt of neem oil from 10 kg of Neem leaves by following the above steps. Thus, he can use this Neem oil Biopesticide to control various plant pests. Mix 5 – 10 ml of Neem oil in 1 lt of water and go for foliar application on the crop plants or the garden plants. This is all about How to make neem oil from Neem leaves. For more information regarding Neem oil and Organic pesticides, comment below.

Neem Oil Making Process FAQ,s

By following the above steps, it is easy for a beginner to make Neem oil at home.

It is easy to make Neem oil from Neem leaves as said above.

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