How to make Neem Oil from Neem Seed Kernels

Steps for Neem Oil Bio Pesticide: Neem seeds also known as Neem kernels. They have multi properties such as protective and curative characteristics. Neem seeds or Neem kernels have a major and prominent role in these times of organic agriculture. Neem seed kernels control various plant pests such as sucking insect pests as well as plant-parasitic nematodes to an extent. However, it involves some steps to prepare Neem seed kernel extract in order to apply for the crop plants.

Different methods are employed for extracting the oil from the neem seed kernels. These range from easy to complex techniques based on the resources available. In this piece of article, you will know how you can use a seed pressing machine for oil extraction. You can easily build this with the help of local technicians with simple specifications.

Neem Oil Bio Pesticide
Neem Oil Bio Pesticide

Steps to make Neem Oil Bio Pesticide from Neem Seed Kernels

Step 1: Neem Seed collection: Neem seeds are known as Neem kernels. Collect the neem seed kernels either from the trees or the fallen ones. We can collect both the green as well as yellow Neem seeds in order to prepare the Neem Seed kernel organic pesticide.

Step 2: Cleaning, Drying, and Sorting the Seeds: Collect the ripen seeds which are yellow in colour, Clean them and remove the skin. Sundry the Neem seeds or kernels for a day or a couple of days. Remove the foreign dust particles among the dry neem seed kernels. Make sure the neem kernels are completely dry so that it contains zero moisture.

Step 3: Neem Seed shelling and Winnowing: Shell the seeds, after they are completely dry. You have to pound the seed to get clean neem kernels. Winnow the mass of neem seeds in order to separate the neem seeds from the shells.

Step 4: Crushing of Neem Kernels: Thus, the cleaned kernels are then crushed by pounding using pestle and mortar in order to obtain a fine mesh. To facilitate the further step, winnow the seed material again.

Step 5: Sieving of neem seed powder: Now sieve the seed by using a fine-sized sieve or mesh. This will result in a fine greenish brown powder also known as Neem seed powder.

Step 6/1: Steaming the Neem powder: Steam the neem powder for about 15 to 20 minutes. This step leads to the formation of dough from which you can extract Seed Oil for Neem Bio Pesticide.

Step 6/2: Neem seed oil extraction using Neem oil machine: Enclose the hot material (dough) in a fine cloth. You can also use empty muslin or cotton bag capable of allowing liquid passage and further placed in the barrel of the Neem oil extraction machine. Inside the barrel, press the metallic lid which is on the dough. Turn the metallic wrench bar clockwise direction to press the neem dough. Put sufficient pressure on the dough. This will start the flow of neem oil from the mouth side of the barrel which you have to collect.

              Follow the above steps to prepare Neem Oil Bio Pesticide correctly. One will get around 100ml to 150 ml of Neem Seed oil from 1 kg of neem seed kernels.

Neem Seed Oil extraction FAQ’s

How do you extract oil from Neem seeds?

Following the above steps, we can extract oil from Neem seeds.

How do you make Neem seed kernel extract?

Following the above steps, we can extract oil from Neem seeds.

What is Neem seed Kernel extract

The oil that is extracted from Neem seed kernels is known as Neem seed kernel extract.

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