What are the Benefits of Polyhouse Farming in India

Advantages and Benefits of Polyhouse Farming

In the recent times of Agriculture Farming Business, the demand for Polyhouse is on high. There are many advantages and benefits of Polyhouse farming in India. Farmers must notice and utilize the uses and advantages of this Polyhouse Farming. The first and foremost benefit of Polyhouse Farming is the huge income returns in Polyhouse. Below are the advantages and benefits of Polyhouse Farming. Let us check it out.

Polyhouse Farming Benefits

  • It is easy to to supply fertilizers to the polyhouse crop plants using drip irrigation method known as Fertigation.
  • The crop duration is less as compared to the open air cultivation of plants.
  • Plants in Polyhouse are grown under controlled climatic conditions which leads to the increase in the yield of the commercial polyhouse crop plants.
  • The Polyhouse farmer can cultivate the crops throughout the year irrespective of the season and climatic conditions.
  • As the crops are grown in controlled climatic conditions in Polyhouse, there is less incidence of crop pests such as insects and diseases.
  • There is no or zero impact of external climatic conditions on the polyhouse crop plants.
  • The agriculture produce from polyhouse farming is high and good quality as we compare with the open air farming methods.
  • We can observe the proper drainage and good aeration within the polyhouse throughout the year.
  • The yield from Polyhouse farming crops is very high in comparison with regular open air farming.
  • The demand for Polyhouse Agriculture Produce is very high in the domestic as well as international markets.
  • Final yield produce of Polyhouse crops can fetch huge income returns to the farmers.
  • It is very easy to cultivate exotic fruits and vegetables as well as flowers in Polyhouse farms.
  • Yield in Polyhouse farming is three to four times more than the open air farming.

Crops grown in Polyhouse Farming

This is all about the Benefits of Polyhouse Farming. For more details regarding Polyhouse Farming, comment below.

Polyhouse Farming FAQ’s

Is polyhouse farming profitable?

Yes, Polyhouse Farming is a Profitable AgriBusiness.

How does a Polyhouse work?

A Polyhouse works in such a way that it reduces the intensity of light falling on the crop plants and thus helps in rapid and good quality growth of the Polyhouse crop plants.

Which is better polyhouse or greenhouse?

Both Polyhouse and Greenhouse are better for crop growth. However, it depends on the crop that we select to cultivate to get higher returns.

What are the uses of polyhouse?

There are many uses of Polyhouse Farming. The major uses and benefits of Polyhouse farming are given above.

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