Why Cauliflower change color

Cauliflower color change

            Cauliflower is one of the best vegetable crops to cultivate as the demand for crucifer vegetables is high. In recent times of Agriculture farming, cauliflower cultivation requires huge skill and knowledge in the cultivation and production. Marketing and sale of the Cauliflower depend on the color of the Cauliflower curd also known as head. The major problem that many farmers face in the open cultivation of Cauliflower is the color change in Cauliflower heads.

            The color of cauliflower changes to pink and yellow color before harvesting. This color change in cauliflowers affects the cauliflower farmer in huge losses. However, if we take proper care and management in cauliflower farming, we can overcome the color change in Cauliflower. Below is the clear details of the cauliflower color change and how to control it.

Cauliflower change in color

  • Cauliflower changes to Purple, Pink and yellow colour when the cauliflower plants and heads are exposed to sunlight for long hours.
  • This colour change in cauliflower occurs in all the seasons especially in summer season.

Why did Cauliflower changes to Purple, Pink, and Yellow colors

  • The major reason for colour change in cauliflowers is due to sunlight.
  • When the Cauliflowers are exposed to sunlight, they produces some specific pigments known as Anthocyanins. This anthocyanins may be either pink, purple or yellow in colour.
  • Anthocyanins are the water soluble natural pigments.
  • However, this coloured Cauliflowers are safe to consume.
Cauliflower color change
Cauliflower color change to pink and purple color

How to control Cauliflower color change

  • It is very easy to control colour change in Cauliflower.
  • Firstly, cut the leaves of Cauliflower and place on the Cauliflower heads in such a way that the leaves covers the whole curd during the sunshine hours.
  • On the other side, Spray Sodium or Ammonium Molybdate @ 400 grams in 200 litres water per acre farm area.

This is all about the reason for color change in Cauliflower and how to control color change in Cauliflowers. For more details, comment below.

Cauliflower color change FAQ’s

Is it ok to eat cauliflower that is turning purple?

Yes it is not harmful to eat purple color cauliflower

What does it mean when cauliflower turns pink?

It is due to the production of Anthocyanins due to sunlight.

Are purple cauliflower natural?

Yes, the purple color of Cauliflowers is natural.

What is the best month to plant cauliflower?

It is better and good to plant Cauliflowers in the spring season.

Is it safe to eat purple cauliflower?

Yes, it is safe to eat and cook purple color Cauliflowers.

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