Organic Pesticides of India

Organic Pesticides Made in India

            In this times of health conscious, mnay eople are looking towards having organic food in their daily diet. However, many farmers are using chemical pesticides as they are unaware of organic or natural pesticides. Many farmers are unaware of primitive Organic Pesticides of India. In this post, we will let you know the best Organic Pesticides, list of Organic pesticides, types of organic pesticides, examples of Organic Pesticides, How to prepare Organic Pesticides.

List of Organic Pesticides native to India

  1. Jeevamrutham
  2. Beejamrutha
  3. Ghana Jeevamrutham
  4. Agniastra (Agni Missile) preparation
  5. Bramhastra (Bramha Missile)
  6. Neemastra
  7. Green chilli garlic mixture
  8. Tobacco brew mixture:
  9. Cattle dung-urine mixture
  10. Cow urine as insect pest control
  11. Fermented Buttermilk
  12. Powdery/Downey mildew fungus controlling natural pesticide
  13. Chinese Chastetree (Vitex negundo )/ Vaavilaku kashayam
  14. BLB (Bacterial Leaf Blight) controlling natural pesticide
  15. Dry ginger formulation
  16. Datura plant extract formulation
  17. Aegle marmelos L.,/ Bael leaf extract
  18. Broad-spectrum formulation – 1
  19. Broad-spectrum formulation – 2
  20. Sanjivak
  21. Jivamrut
  22. Amritpani
  23. Panchgavya
  24. Enriched Panchgavya (or Dashagavya)
  25. Panchgavya Krishi
  26. NSKE 5%
  27. Micronutrients Mixture

Organic Farming in India

These are the list of various Organic Pesticides made and used in olden India in order to control plant pests as well as to promote the growth of the crop plants. Check out the link in order to know more about how to prepare the various Organic Pesticides of India.

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