Organic Farming in India

What is Organic Farming?

            Organic Farming is cultivation of food crops in conventional or natural method. This includes growing of food crops using natural methods of crop cultivation. In organic farming, the organic farmers never use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic farmers always use natural pesticides and fertilizers only.

            The foods or farm produce from this method of organic farming are known as organic foods. Organic foods are rich in natural minerals and nutrients as compared to foods produced by chemical farming.

Benefits of Organic Farming

  • There are many advantages of organic farming. Organic foods are healthy to consume.
  • Organic foods are a rich source of all the minerals and nutrients that are required for the human body.
  • This farming helps in maintaining an eco-friendly environment.
  • In addition, the demand for organic foods is rapidly increasing in the consumer sector nowadays.
  • Furthermore, organic foods help in increasing the immunity of the human body.

Drawbacks of Organic Farming

  • Sometimes, there are some insect pests and diseases in crop cultivation which is difficult to control using organic chemicals.
  • Organic foods are bit costly as the cost of organic food production is high.

List of Organic Fertilizers for Organic Farming

In this post, we will also discuss about the queries of our viewers below.

  • Is Organic Farming Profitable in India?
  • Yes, organic farming is profitable in IndiaOrga
  • Where is organic farming done in India?
    • Organic farming is going on in many parts of the country. However, organic farming is mostly done in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka.
  • How can we start organic farming in India?
    • It is very easy to start Organic Farming, It is nothing but not to use any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • What is the scope of organic farming in India?
    • Post-COVID 19 era, many people are looking towards a healthy diet. Therefore, there is a lot of scope for organic farming in India.
  • Why India needs organic farming?
    • India needs organic farming as organic foods are healthy to consume.
  • What is the present status of organic farming in India?
    • The status of organic farming is increasing rapidly in the recent past.
  • What is organic farming in India?
    • It is discussed above.
  • Government schemes for organic farming in India
    • Currently, there are very less government schemes for organic farming in India. However, there are some government institutes that are providing training on organic farming and cultivation.
  • Types of organic farming in India
    • There are no types of organic farming in India
  • Organic farming in India statistics
    • The organic farming statistics are moving in an upward trend in India.
  • What is organic cultivation and why is it important?
    • It is important as organic food is natural and free from harmful chemical pesticides and nutrients.
  • Why organic farming is bad?
    • Organic farming is never bad.
  • Organic farming benefits
    • We have discussed the pros of organic farming above.
  • ┬áProblems with organic farming
    • The drawbacks of organic farming are briefed above.
  • Organic farming products
    • There are many organic food products from staple foods to fruit crops.

This is all about Organic Farming in India. If you have any queries related to organic farming, comment below.

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