How to spray Neem oil on Plants

Many of the plant grower’s especially organic urban farmers are unaware of how to spray Neem oil on plants. In this post, we will clear all your queries related to the use and application of Neem oil. In addition, we will also let you know about the benefits and drawbacks of using Neem oil on garden and crop plants.

Step by step procedure to Use Neem oil on garden Plants

Step I: Buy Neem oil online or from the local market. Make sure the Neem oil is 1500 ppm formulation.

Step II: Take 5 ml of 1500 ppm Neem oil and mix in one liter of water. Mix the mixture very well in the bottle until the 5 ml Neem oil dissolve in one liter of water.

Step III: Then, you can spray the neem oil directly on the foliage of the plants. Always spray the Neem oil in the morning between 6 AM to 9 AM and in the evening around 5.30 PM to 6.30 PM.

Neem oil for plants

Uses of Neem oil for Plants

  • There are many benefits of Neem oil for the plants.
  • Neem oil protects the plants from various sucking insect pests like Thrips, Aphids, Jassids, Mealybugs, and Hopper like insect pests.
  • In addition, Neem oil also protects the plants from other tiny insects.
  • Furthermore, Neem oil increase the resistance of plants from insect attack. It also keeps the plants healthy always.

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Disadvantages of Neem oil

  • There are no or very few drawbacks of spraying Neem oil on plants.
  • Always use the Neem oil before the expiry date as if we use it after expiry may affect the crop plants.
  • Never apply Neem oil in more concentrations on the garden as well as crop plants.

Urban Gardeners as well as country side farmers are having many queries such as

  • how to spray neem oil on plants,
    • Step by step procedure is briefed above.
  • can you spray neem oil directly on plants,
    • Yeah, we can spray neem oil directly on plants by making 5% solution.
  • how long does neem oil last on plants,
    • It lasts for around a week on plants.
  • do you rinse neem oil off plants,
    • No, we can spray the Neem oil on plants.
  • can neem oil damage plants,
    • No Neem oil never damages the plants.
  • what plants not to use neem oil on,
    • There are very few or no plants to use Neem oil. However, we can spray on all the garden and food plants.
  • how to mix neem oil for plants,
    • Always mix Neem oil in tap water.
  • how to use and apply neem oil on indoor plants,
    • Just spray the 5% Neem oil.
  • how to use and apply neem oil for tomato plants,
    • Spray the 5% Neem oil.
  • how to apply neem oil to the soil,
    • Apply 5 % Neem oil to the soil by the drenching method.
  • neem oil uses for plants,
    • Neem oil protects the plants from sucking tiny insect pests.
  • watering plants with neem oil,
    • Yeah, we can water the plant’s with 5% Neem oil
  • is neem oil safe for humans,
    • Yeah, Neem oil is safe for human beings.
  • can I spray neem oil every day,
    • No, It is good and better to apply Neem oil once in a week.
  • do you spray neem oil on soil or leaves,
    • Yeah, we can use Neem oil on leaves as well as on soil.
  • what is the ratio of neem oil in water,
    • 5 ml Neem oil in 1000 ml water
  • how to mix neem oil for plants,
    • Mix Neem oil in clean and running tap water
  • when to use Neem oil.         
    • Always use and apply Neem oil either in the morning or evening. However, it is good to apply in the evening hours.

Therefore, this all about how to use Neem oil on plants. If you have any further queries related to Neem oil, comment below.

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