How to make Brahmasthra Organic Pesticide

            We know that there are lot of Organic or Natural Pesticides that are available to use for Organc farming. However, many organic farmers are unaware of all the organic fungicides to use in organic and natural farming. In order to let everyone know about all types of natural and organic pesticides, we have come up with this content on Organic pesticides. However, in this post we will let you know about how to make brahmasthra Organic pesticide, material required for Brahmasthra Organic Pesticide, preparation process for Brahmasthra and how to apply Brahmasthra on fields.

            Brahmasthra organic pesticide is also known as Brahma Missile.

Materials required to make Brahmasthra Natural Pesticide

  1. Earthen pot – 1 no. (50 lt)
  2. Cow urine – 10 lt
  3. Neem leaves – 3 kg
  4. Any of the following leaves- 2 kg
  5. Papaya leaves – 2 kg
  6. Pomegranate leaves – 2 kg
  7. Guava leaves – 2 kg
  8. Lantana camella leaves – 2 kg
  9. Datura leaves – 2 kg

Preparation procedure for  Brahmamissile Natural Pesticide

  1. Take a mud pot and add 10-liter local cow urine in it.
  2. Then, crush 3 kg of neem leaves and add this neem pulp in this water then add 2 kg pulps of custard apple leaves, 2 kg pulps of papaya leaves, 2 kg pomegranate leaves pulp, 2 kg of guava leaves or guava pulp or 2 kg lantana camella leaves pulp or 2 kg white dhatura leaves pulp in to it (use lantana camella and dhatura leaves only if available for brahmstra preparation).
  3. Boil this solution for 5 times and strain using muslin cloth.
  4. Let this solution to ferment for 24 hrs and the natural pesticide is ready for use.

Application of Brahmasthra Natural Pesticide

  • Spray this prepared brahmastra on the crop plants to control all the sucking pests, pod borer, fruit borer, etc.
  • Spray Bramhastra @2 lt in the 100-liter water or 2% spray in the fields.

Benefits and Uses of Brahmasthra Organic Pesticide

  • Brahmasthra Natural Pesticide effectively works against various types of insect pests especially sucking pests like thrips, aphids, jassids, etc.,
  • Brahmamissile can be applied on types of crop plants like vegetable crops, fruit crops, flower crops as well as cereals and pulse crops.

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