Black Rice Farming Facts

Black Rice Farming

            Black Rice is the primitive rice variety cultivated in the olden era. The grains of this black rice is similar in size to the normal rice. However, the color is light to dark black in color. There is a limited number of Black Rice varieties available in India. Black Rice is the only Wild Rice variety having many health benefits.

Black rice farming is one of the promising and emerging areas of cultivation due to their high antioxidant content restricts the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Due to the medicinal property black rice fetches 10 times higher price in market, giving better returns to its Black rice farmers. Moreover, inclusion of such rice in our diet will help to reduce the incidence of cancer.

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Facts about Black Rice Farming in India

  • Anthocyanin content in Black Rice is about 3%.
  • Black Rice and Wild rice are different. Black Rice is one of the Wild Rice varieties.
  • The best Black Rice variety in India is Kalabati and Krishnavrishi.
  • There and very few Black Rice brands.
  • Best Black rice seeds is also Kalabati and Krishnavrishi black rice seeds.
  • The best place to buy Organic Rice is Telangana and the North-East states of India.
  • Best season for Black Rice Farming is Kharif and Rabi season.
  • Best way to make Black Rice is sorting after the milling process.
  • Black rice benefits are many like anti oxidant and anti-cancer properties. B
  • Black rice contract farming is increasing nowadays.
  • Black rice cultivation in India is rapidly rising in the current past.
  • Where is black rice grown in India – Mostly grown in Telanagana and North-East states of India.
  • Black rice production and productivity is also increasing in India
  • Black rice seeds for farming is available with most of the organic and Natural rice farmers.
  • Does black rice contain arsenic – No, Black Rice doesn’t contain Arsenic.

These are some of the facts regarding Black Rice farming. For more details regarding Black Rice Farming, comment below.

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