Vermicompost Uses and Benefits

Uses and Benefits of Vermicompost

            Vermicompost has many uses and benefits in Agri farming. In the recent times of organic farming, Vermicompost has become a key and major organic fertilizer to use in farmer fields. The nutrient content of Vermicompost is rich as compared to other organic fertilizers. The quality of Vermicompost depends on the dung and variety of earthworms used for Vermicomposting. In this post, we will let you know about the uses and benefits of Vermicompost.

Nutrient content in Vermicompost

Uses of Vermicompost:

  • Organic farmers can use Vermicompost as a natural fertilizer to the plants.
  • Vermicompost applied near the crown region of the plants acts as a natural mulch for the crop plants.
  • This Earthworm compost can also be used as a potting mix for urban garden plants.
  • Vermicompost enriched with biofertilizers and biopesticides acts more effectively in control various plant pests.
  • The major use of Vemricompost is its availability at low costs as compared with other natural fertilizers.

Benefits of Vermicompost:

  • The major benefits of Vermicompost to plants is Vermicompost nutrients are easily available for the plants to uptake minerals and nutrients.
  • Vermicompost is less cost rather than other fertlizers.
  • It is very easy to produce or prepare Vermicompost. Any farmer can make Vermicompost at their own fields.
  • Good benefit of Vermicompost is its demand in the present market of organic farming days.

This is all about the uses and benefits of Vermicompost in Organic or Natural farming. For more details related to organic farming and organic or natural fertilizers, comment below.

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