What is Vermicompost

            Vermicompost is a natural fertilizer that is a  byproduct or excreta of earthworms. Earthworms eat sand, dung, and other crops wastes and excrete the nutrient-rich Vermicompost.

Vermicompost Queries

  • Vermicompost near me
    • There are very less places to buy Vermicompost.
  • Vermicompost price
    • On an average, 1 kg of Vericompost is around Rs. 30- Rs. 50 per kg.
  • Vermicompost NPK ratio
  •  Vermicomposting project
  • Vermicompost uses 
    • The major use of Vermicompost is it acts as a natural fertilizer for crop plants.
  • Vermicomposting is done by
    • Earthworms.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of vermicompost
    • There are many advantages of Vermicompost rather disadvantages. For more details, check out our articles related to benefits of Vermicompost.
  • Ants in vermicompost
    • Avoid ants in Vermicompost by adding Salt and Turmeric around the Vermicompost pit or Vermicompost bin
  •  Application of Vermicompost
    • Apply Vermicompost by bradcasting method.
  •  Best earthworm for Vermicompost
    • There are 4 species of Earthworms that are benficial for Vermicomposting. They are Eisinia phoetida and other 3 species are exotic.
  • Best organic Vermicompost
    • Best Organic Vermicompost is reddish brown to black in colour.
  • Best way to harvest Vermicompost
    • Besy way to harvest Vermicompost is using a 3 mm or 4 mm mesh roller.
  • Best way to store Vermicompost
    • Always store Vermicompost in cool and dry place with 10% – 15% moisture.
  • Chemical composition of vermicompost
    • Check out our blog for nutirnt composition in Vermicompost.
  • Coco peat and vermicompost ratio
    • It is 50:50 for better potting of gardening plants.
  •  Compost vs Vermicompost
    • Compost is made from plant and crop waste, where as Vermicompost is made by dung and exarthworms.
  • Difference between vermicast and vermicompost
    • Vermicast is excreta of Earthorm. Vermicompost is also the same.

These are some of the queries frequently asked by our viewers. For more details and information related to Vermicomposting, comment below.

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