Nutrient content in Vermicompost

            Vermicompost plays a key role in Organic farming as well as in Natural farming. Vermicompost consists of various nutrients that are primarily essential for crop and plant growth. Vermicompost consists of primary as well as secondary nutrients and minerals. It also contains NPK.

            In this article, we will discuss about what are the nutrients are in Vermicompost, what is NPK in Vermicompost, what is the pH of Vermicompost, Vermicompost nutrient content, chemical composition of Vermicompost, micronutrients in Vermicompost, Vermicompost composition,  Vermicompost application per acre.

Minerals, Nutrients and Chemical composition of Vermicompost

            Vermicompost consists of various mineral nutirnts such as Organic carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash and other negligible amounts of heavy metals.

Sl.No.ParameterQuantity (%)
1Organic Carbon (C)18
2Nitrogen (N)01
3Phosphate (P2O5/P)0.8
4Potash (K2O/K)0.8
5Heavy metal content (mg/kg)
6Cadmium (Ca)5 ppm
7Chromium (Cr)50 ppm
8Nickel (Ni)50 ppm
9Lead (Pb)100 ppm
Minerals, Nutrients and Chemical composition of Vermicompost

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Other parameters and composition of Vermicompost

            A better and quality vermicompost mush have the following parameters in exact quantity like size, colour, particle size, moisture content etc.

1Moisture % by weight15-25 %
2OdourAbsence of foul order
3ColourDark brown to Black
4Bulk density (g/cm3)0.7-0.9
5Prticle sizeMinimum 90% of the material must pass through 3.0 mm -4.0 mm mesh/seive
Other parameters and composition of Vermicompost

            This is all about the composition of Vermicompost and the contents of Vermicompost. For more details regarding Vermicomposting, comment below.

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