Vermicompost Business Plan

            The process of producing Vermicompost using Earthworms is known as Vermicomposting. In recent times, Vermicomposting has become a profitable business for Agripreneurs as well as small-scale farmers. It is very easy to start Vermicomposting business in India. Approximately a farmer can earn Rs. 25000 per month by Vermicomposting unit inn area of 5000 sq. ft. However, the initial project cost of Vermicomposting is around Rs. 1.5 – Rs. 2 lakhs. There is no need for registration in order to start Vermicomposting AgriBusiness.

            In this AgriBusiness article, we will let you know all about Vermicomposting business plan such as the project cost of Vermicomposting, project proposal of Vermicomposting, registration of the Vermicompost unit, subsidies for Vermicomposting unit, etc.

Cost of Vermicomposting unit:

            Here, we will let you know about the cost of establishing a Vermicompost unit in an area of 5000 sq.ft or 5 guntas or 0.25-acre land area.

Sl.No.ParticularsCost (Rs.)
 Capital cost   
1)Vermicomposting unit shed construction cost50000
2)Pit construction (15x3x4)30000
3)Cost of Earthworms20000
 Recurring cost 
1)Cost of dung10000
2)Miscellaneous cost ( labor and materials)5000
 Total cost to start Vermicomposting (per month)15000

            Therefore, it is only Rs. 115000 to start Vermicomposting unit and monthly maintainance is only Rs. 15000 in order to continue the Vermicomposting unit.

Income returns in Vermicomposting unit

Sl.No.ParticularsIncome (Rs.)
1)Sale of Vermicompost @ 5 ton (after 2 months of commencing) @ Rs. 10/ kg Vermicompost50,000
2)Sale of Earthworms @ Rs. 500/ kg (10 kg)5000
 Total IncomeRs. 50,500

            A small-scale farmer or an Agripreneur can earn around Rs. 50,000 for every two months or Rs. 25,000 per month from a Vermicomposting unit if they sell Vermicompost at a wholesale price of RS. 10/ kg Vermicompost. When they sell kilo Vermicompost for Rs. 20 per kg, they can earn around Rs. 50,000 per month excluding the maintenance cost.

Net profit from Vermicompost in one year:

Net profit = Income – Total cost

Net profit = Rs. 3,00,00 – Rs. 1,15,000

Net profit in the first-year Vermicompost is Rs. 1,85,000.

            From the second year, a Vermicompost farmer can earn Rs. 5 lakhs per annum.

            Therefore, this is all about the cost and income returns from Vermicomposting unit. For more details regarding the Vermicompost business plan, comment below.

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