Profits in Pulse crops Farming

Scope for High profits in Pulse crops Farming

            The demand for pulses is increasing rapidly in the current agriculture market. However, many farmers are unaware of the demand for pulse crops in the current markets. The cost of cultivation for pulses is also not that high as compared to other crops. In addition, the government is also giving sufficient MSP (Minimum Support Price) for pulse crops and pulse farmers. With the government MSP, a pulse farmer can earn good profits from pulses cultivation. A farmer can earn more money in pulse farming within a period of 2-3 months. The below table shows the details of Net profits a farmer can earn from pulses cultivation.

CropYield in Quintal/acreMSP (Rs.)/ QuintalIncome (Rs.)Cost of Cultivation (Rs.)Net profits (Rs.)Crop duration (days)
Red gram86300504001653233868100-150
Green gram575753637580422833360-70
Black gram563003150086182288260-70
Bengal gram8487539000135422545890-120
Profits in Pulse Crops Cultivation

            Therefore, a pulse crop farmer can earn around Rs. 30000 from one-acre pulse crop in 3 months. If they go for 5-acre pulse cultivation, the farmer can earn Rs. 1.5 lakh from 5-acre pulse farming in 4 months only. Therefore, pulse farming is better suggested to the farmers in order to double the farmers’ income.

Pulse Crops Farming Package of Practices

            For more details regarding the guide and package of practices for pulse crops farming, comment below.

Pulse crops FAQ’s

Which crops season are Pulses grown ?

Pulses are grown in Kharif also called the Rainy season.

Why should farmers grow Pulses ?

Farmers must grow Pulses in order to get more profits per acre as well as to maintain soil fertility.

How are Pulses important for Soil?

Crop rotation with pulse crops increases the fertility of the soil.

Why Farmers are not taking much interest in growing Pulse crops ?

Because Pulse crops require proper care and management while cultivation and during post-harvest management.

Why the Indian Farmers should grow more Pulses

Indian Farmers must grow more Pulses as the demand for Pulses in increasing in the local as well as international markets.

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