Benefits of Organic Farming

            The boom for Organic Farming is increasing rapidly in the recent past. Everyone is looking to buy organic food rather than the chemical farming food produce. Noticing the demand for organic foods in the present market, many farmers are turning towards organic farming. In addition to farmers, many agripreneurs are investing in an organic farming business. The demand, as well as profits from organic farming, is very high. There are many health benefits as well as ecological benefits of organic farming. In this post, we have come up with the benefits of organic farming.

Organic Farming Benefits

  • Farm produce such as vegetables, staples, fruits tastes much better in organic farming rather than the produce from chemical farming.
  • Organic farm produce contains zero pesticide residues.
  • Minimizes or reduces the use of harmful and hazardous chemical pesticides in the crop fields.
  • Organic farming reduces the major constraints of environment such as soil erosion, water as well as air pollution.
  • Natural farming and Organic Farming helps in maintaining the soil fertility for decades and centuries.
  • There will be long term sustainability in organic farming rather than chemical farming.
  • Organic Farming promotes biodiversity by attracting beneficial insects for plant growth.
  • It maintains good health of the crop plants.
  • Farmers can easily adapt and acquire organic farming techniques.
  • Organic Farming consumes less energy by avoiding chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • It is very easy to produce or make organic pesticides and fertilizers onfarm.

How to make Agniasthra Organic Pesticide

Above are the benefits of Organic Farming in India. For more details regarding organic farming, comment below.

Organic Farming FAQ’s

What are the advantges of Organic Farming ?

The first and the foremost advantage of Organic Farming is the food produce by the organic farms is very healthy and tasty to consume.

What are the main features of organic farming ?

The main feature of organic farming is healthy food with tastyness.

What we need for Organic Farming ?

We need organic pesticides and organic fertilizers for organic farming.

What techniques are used in organic farming ?

In organic farming, primitive techniques of natural fertilizers and natural pesticide production formulas are used.

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