How to Control Tomato PinWorm

The scientific name of Tomato Pin Worm is Tuta absoluta.

Tomato Pinworm Signs and Symptoms

  • The caterpillar mines the leaves producing large galleries.
  • It burrows into the fruit, make irregular mine on leaf surface.
  • On fruits, small blotches with light to dark grey colour are seen on fruits infested with Tomato Pinworm.
  • Small Pinhead signs are seen at point of entry on the fruits.

 Tomato Pinworm chemical control

Spray any of the following insecticides in order to control the Tomato pinworm insect pests.

  • Spray lambda cyhalothrin @1ml/lt water or
  • Deltamethrin 1ml/lt water or
  • Spinosad @0.3 ml/lt water or
  • Indoxacarb @ 1.75ml/lt water.      

Tomato Pinworm Natural/ Organic control

  • Install Tomato Pinworm pheromone lure traps @ 4-5 per acre.
  • Spray Neem oil 1500 ppm @5-7 ml/lt water.

This is all about Tomato Pinworm signs, symptoms, chemicals as well as organic control. For more details regarding how to control crop pests in crops, comment below.

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