Orchid Farming Business Plan

Profits in orchid Farming

            We import most of the Orchid flowers for decoration from various countries. We can overcome them by cultivating orchids ourselves at our own farms. Orchid Farming is one of the Agri farming businesses that can fetch huge returns in lakhs with proper care and management of the orchid farms. Many farmers are unaware of this Orchid Farming. No worries, however, we will let you know all about Orchid Farming and its business plan. Below is the detailed information regarding the Orchid Farming business plan in a one-acre land area.

Orchids grow well in Polyhouses rather than greenhouses. Therefore, it is always suggested to cultivate Orchids only in Polyhouses. The income returns in Orchid Farming are high only if you grow orchid flowers in Polyhouses. The other important factor is best orchid flower variety is dendrobium with different shades viz., maroon, purple, red, and white dendrobium flowers.

How to Start Orchid Farming AgriBusiness

Cost of Orchid Farming

Sl.No.ParticularsCost (Rs.)
1One acre land cost10,00,000
2Construction of Polyhouse (1acre)30,00,000
3Cost of Plantlets (50,000 plantlets in 1 acre @ Rs. 10 per orchid plantlet)5,00,000
4Equipment cost1,00,000
5Rate of Intrest5,00,000
6Labor cost per year3,00,000
7Miscellaneous cost1,00,000
 The total cost of 1-acre Orchid Farm55 lakhs
Cost of Orchid Farming

Income Returns in Orchid Farming

Sl.No.ParticularsCost (Rs.)
11 lakh Orchid Per month @ Rs. 10 per one spike we sell10,00,000
2Sale of Plantlets for every four months2,00,000
 Total Income from Orchid selling for every 4 months42 lakhs
Income returns in Orchid Farming

            We sell orchids every month from 50,000 pots. We get at least 2 orchid spikes from a single pot every month. Therefore, we can sell 1 lakh Orchid flowers per month and the orchid farmer can earn Rs. 10 lakh per month. Thus the orchid farmer can earn Rs. 1.2 crore + Rs. 6 lakhs from the sale of Orchid plantlets in a year.

Net profits in Orchid Farming

Net profits = Income – Cost

1.8 crores – 55 lakhs = Rs. 1.25 Crore.

            Therefore, an Orchid farmer can earn around Rs. 1.25 crore from a one-acre orchid farm. If he found some uncertainty, the orchid farmer can at least Rs. 50 lakh from 1-acre Orchid Farm.

That’s all about the Cost, Income, and Net profits in the Orchid Farming business. For more details regarding, Orchid Farming, comment below.

Orchid Farming Business FAQ,s

Is Orchid Farming Profitable ?

Yes, Orchid Farming is a hugely profitable Agribusiness

How do you grow Orchids commercially ?

Commercial cultivation of Orchids is done in Polyhouses.

Are Orchids worth a lot of money ?

Yes, Orchids are worth a lot of money.

What is the price of Orchid flower ?

The price of Orchid flowers in the retail flower market is Rs. 25 per orchid flower spikelet.

Can you make money selling Orchids ?

Yes, Orchid we can earn huge money by starting Orchid Farming in Polyhouse.

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