How to Use Plantix App

Plant Doctor for Farmers: Plant Doctor is nothing but Plantix Android Application. In the present times, every farmer holds his own smartphone. Almost all the Farmers are capable of access to many of the Android Applications. In order to help the FArmers to solve their regular and day-to-day Farm problems or Agriculture related problems, an Android Application has been developed by the Andra Pradesh Government in collaboration with a German Institution. Every Farmer in India can access the Plantix Android Application in various languages almost.

Plant Doctor Plantix Android Application – Plantix is free of cost one and one can download easily from Android or Google Play Store.

Plantix Plant Doctor Android Application

  • Plantix is an Android Application especially for Farmers growing all types of crops mostly edible Crops.
  • One can ask or post a question from any corner of the World.
  • Plantix is a mobile diagnostic tool for Field Crops as well as Fruits and vegetable Crops.
  • The Farmer or the Individual can get suggestions and solutions from a highly skilled Experts and Scientists.
  • It is an Instant Social Networking Android Application for the Farmers.
  • Every Individual who grows kitchen gardens can also access this Android Application Plantix. In addition, Agriculture Students can also get practical knowledge using this Plantix Plant Doctor App.

How to Use or Operate Plantix Android Application

  • Install the Plantix Application from the Google Play Store at free of cost.
  • Register using your Mobile number and Email details.
  • A One Time Passcode (OTP) comes in order to verify Plantix Android Application.
  • That’s all now you can access the Plantix Application.
  • Later, just take a photograph of the Plant or Crop which is infested with either biotic or abiotic pest like disease or deficiency symptoms.
  • Easily post the Pic or Photograph of the Plant or Crop just like Facebook posting.
  • That’s all, within an instant time or few minutes you will get free help and Suggestion from various Plant Scientists and Experts to control the diseases of the Plants or Crops.

Kisan Suvidha Android App for Farmers from Govt. of India

That’s all about how to use the Plantix app for farmers. For more information and details regarding Android Agriculture Apps. Comment below.

Plantix App FAQ’s

Is Plantix App free?

Yes, the Plantix app is free to use.

How do I download Plantix app?

We can download the Plantix app from Android Play Store and Apple App store.

How do Plantix app work?

Plantix app scans the pest-infested plan and posts in the group. Then, an expert suggests the recommendations to control the plant pest. Artificial Intelligence of Plantix app also suggests the recmmendations.

How do you if a Plant has a Fungal disease?

FUngus infested plant leaves show necrotic and dead spots on infected plant leaves.

Who developed Plantix App?

Plantix App was developed by PEAT technologies, Germany. PEAT means Progressive Environmental and Agricultural Technologies.

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