How to Control Cotton Stem Girdler

            The scientific name of Cotton Stem Girdler Insect Pest is Sthenias grisator.

Cotton Stem Girdler Signs and Symptoms

  • Signs of Stems girdler damage is observed on the stem near the crown region of the plant.
  • Wilting of branches and then entire plant.
  • Bark and skin of the plant gets removed by the stem girdler insect at the infested areas especially at the crown region of the cotton plant.
  • Insicidence of Stem girdler is more during the rainy seasons.

Cotton Stem Girdler Chemical control

Spray the following chemical insecticide in combination with the neem oil

  • Spray Chlorpyriphos 20EC @2.5 ml/lt water mix with Neem oil @ 5ml/lt water.
  • Always spray the chemical insecticide to control stem girdler insect pest during the evening hours.
  • In addition, you can also spray CopperOxyChloride (COC) @30 gm + Plantomycin (Strepromycin sulphate + Tetracyclin hydrochloride) @ 2gm in 10 lt water.

Cotton Farming Guide

Cotton Stem Girdler Chemical control

  • Spray Neem oil 1500 ppm @ 5-7 ml/ lt water near the crown region of the infested plant.

This is all about how to control cotton stem girdler insect pests. For more details regarding chemical and organic control of insect pests, comment below.

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