Oil Palm Farming Problems

            The demand for Oil Palm Farming is increasing nowadays. Many farmers as well as Agripreneurs are looking towards investing in Oil Palm Cultivation Agribusiness. In addition, Government bodies are also supporting marginal as well as small-scale farmers to start and cultivate Oil Palm trees for Palm oil. Noticing this demand for oil palm cultivation, many people are also establishing oil palm processing mills.

            In the previous article, you got to know all about Oil Palm farming from sowing to harvesting oil palm. In order to start a profitable oil palm farming business, one has to know about the consequences of oil palm cultivations also. Therefore, we have come up with this post on the problems of Oil palm farming in India. Even though, these problems in oil palm cultivation can be overcome with ease.

Oil Palm Cultivation Guide for Beginners

Problems of Oil Palm Farming

  • Oil palm trees has a long gestation period and restricts income flow to farmers for at least 4-5 years.
  • Many small scale as well as marginal farmers face issues with limited resources.
  • Sometimes, there are fluctuation in prices of CPO in the international market which may lead to abnormal losses in oil palm cultivation.
  • Erratic monsoon leading to shortage of water may lead to less yield from oil palm farming.
  • Competition from other economically viable crops such as rubber, arecanut, sugarcane, banana, coconut etc.
  • Variation in import duty on edible oils may sometimes leads to the drop of oil palm and palm oil prices in the market.
  • However, these problems in oil palm cultivation are minute and can be avoided with proper care and management in cultivating as well as post-harvest management in oil palm farming.

That’s all about the problems or losses in oil palm farming. For more details about Oil Palm cultivation, comment below.

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