Oil Palm Farming Benefits

Pros of Oil Palm Farming Plantation

            There are many benefits and advantages of Oil Palm Cultivation. Oil Palm Farming is a huge profitable business if you take proper care and management of Palm Oil trees. As there are many health benefits of Palmoelin Oil, the area under Oil Palm farming increasing day-by-day. It is very easy to start Oil Palm Farming as compared to other farming businesses. There are advantages and disadvantages of Oil Palm Farming. However, the disadvantages of oil palm cultivation is very less or negligible as compared to the advantages of Oil Palm cultivation.

            Many people have queries regarding the benefits of Oil Palm Farming, Oil Palm farming advantages, use of Oil Palm seeds and trees. No worries further, we will let you know all about Oil Palm Farming advantages and profits in this post.

How to Start Oil Palm Cultivation

Advantages and Benefits of Oil Palm Cultivation

  • It is easy to cultivate Oil Palm trees.
  • Oil Palm cultivation provides remunerative, sustainable and high profits to the Oil Palm Farmers for a period of 30 years.
  • Palm Oil trees are resistant and tolerant against various insect and disease pests.
  • Oil Palm cultivation requires less inputs than other commercial oil seed farming.
  • Cost of Oil Palm cultivation is less as compared with other oil seed cultivation.
  • This is the only oil seed cultivation where government provides buyback guarantee by the government through Oil Palm act.
  • Establishing Palm oil processing mills near to the Oil Palm plantation creates employment opportunities to the rural youth.
  • It helps in Carbon sequestration as well as increase the green cover leading to sustainable farming.
  • Palm Oil trees in one acre area absorbs 10 ton of Carbondioxide and releases11 ton of Oxygen thus acting very eco-friendly.
  • Water and Irrigation requirement is somehow less than other commercial plantation crops.
  • The Oil Palm Farmer can also go for intercropping of vegetable crops in the Oil Palm fields.
  • Nowadays, the area as well as support of Government departments is also increasing for Oil Palm Farming.

Therefore, the above are the benefits and Advantages of Oil Palm Farming. For more details regarding Oil Palm Plantation, comment below.

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