Oil Palm Farming Profits

            In the recent past, Oil Palm Farming Business is getting boom. Oil Palm Farming is a huge profitable Agribusiness. Noticing the profits in oil palm farming, many farmers are getting into this Oil Palm cultivation. In addition, government agencies are also supporting oil palm growers. Furthermore, those agencies promote the oil palm farmer business by assisting them in selling their oil palm seed produce. Oil Palm Farming helps in doubling the farmer’s income.

            In this agriculture post, we will let you know about the profits in oil palm cultivation, profit per acre oil palm plantation, and other queries related to palm oil plantation income per acre.

Oil Palm Farming Guide

Profits in Oil Palm Farming

            On average, a farmer cultivating oil palm trees can earn around Rs. 50,000 from a 1-acre oil palm plantation. Therefore, it is suggested to cultivate oil palm trees in the area of a minimum of 10 acres. Thus, a farmer can earn Rs. 5 lakhs from 10 acres oil palm plantation. However, the income returns in oil palm start only after 4 years of starting the oil palm cultivation. Until then, the oil palm farmer can grow some vegetable crops as intercrops. However, the government is supporting with Rs. 15,000 per acre oil palm plantation for a period of the first five years.

Here are some of the frequently asked queries by our viewers regarding the profits in oil palm farming plantation agribusiness.
  • Palm oil plantation profit per hectare
    • It is Rs. 1.5 lakhs from 1 ha oil palm plantation.
  • Palm oil profit per acre
    • It is Rs. 50,000 from 1 acre oil palm plantation.
  • Palm oil yield per acre in India.
    • Oil palm trees yield 1-2 tons per acre plantation.
  • How many oil palm trees in 1 acre?
    • 60 to 80 oil palm trees per acre area.
  •  Is palm oil farming profitable?
    • Yes, Oil palm farming is a huge profitable business.
  • Why is palm oil so profitable?
    • Easy to cultivate and grow oil palm trees with less investment.
  • Is palm oil plantation a good business?
    • Yes, oil Palm plantation is a very good agribusiness.
  • How much oil does a palm tree produce?
    • Produce 10 litre per tree.
  • Palm oil plantation price per acre?
    • Palm oil plantation costs Rs. 25,000 per acre.
  • What’s is the Oil palm profit per acre?
    • Rs. 1 lakh annual income after 4 years of starting the oil palm cultivation.

Therefore, this is all about the profits and yield per acre oil palm farming. For more details and information regarding oil palm plantation profits, comment below.

Problems of Oil Palm Farming

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