Kadaknath Chicken Farming AgriBusiness

            Most of us know only about the Broiler Chicken and the country chicken. Broiler Chicken is grey to white in color, whereas country chicken is multicolor. There also exists a unique chicken known as Kadaknath Chicken. Kadaknath Chicken is completely black in color. The whole body from head to tail of Kadaknath Chicken is thick black in color. The cost of Kadaknath Chicken is also high in the market as compared to the regular Chicken as the unique chicken consists of immunity-boosting minerals and nutrients in huge quantities than the normal ones. Kadaknath Chicken’s price is about Rs. 400-500 per kg meat.

Kadaknath Chicken Farming AgriBusiness plan with 500 birds

A Kadaknath Chicken Farmer can earn Rs. 20,000 to  Rs. 25,000 per month on an average with 500 birds in 5000 sq,ft are or 500 yards or 5 guntas of land area. Therefore, we have come up with this post on the Kadaknath Chicken Farming AgriBusiness plan for startup farmers.

            In this AgriBusiness article, we will let you know about the cost of Kadaknath Chicken Farming, marketing of Kadaknath Chicken and Income returns as well as net profits in Kadaknath Chicken Farming Business plan. This post deals with any of the three varieties of Kadaknath Chicken Farming Business.

Cost of Kadaknath Chicken Farming with 500 birds

Sl.No.ParticularsCost (Rs.)
 Capital expenditure 
1)Shed construction 5000 sq. ft area (Capital cost)50000
 Recurring expenditure 
1)500 Kadaknath chicks (25 days old) @ Rs. 25/ chick12500
2)10 quinntals readymade Kadaknath feed10000
3)20 quintals homemade feed10000
4)Vaccines and Medicines1000
5)Missalaneous costs (power, labour)31500
 Total Reccurring cost of Kadaknatha ChickenRs. 65,000

            Therefore, the total reccurring cost of Kadaknath Chicken farming with 500 birds is around Rs. 65,000. However, the initial capital for shed construction is considered as primary investment.

Income returns in Kadaknath Chicken Farming with 500 birds

Sl.No.ParticularsCost (Rs.)
 Income from sale of Kadaknath birds 
1)Sale of 300 birds after 5 months @ Rs. 350 per bird1,05,000
2)Sale of  50 birds after 3 months @ Rs. 400 per bird20,000
3)Sale of 50 birds after 6 months @ Rs. 400 per bird20,000
4)Sale of 400 Kadaknath eggs @ Rs. 5 per egg2,000
 Total Income returns with 500 Kadaknath birdsRs. 1,47,000

Net profits in Kadaknath Chicken farming

Net profit = Income – Cost

Net profit = 14700 – 65000 = 82000

Net profits is the difference of total recurring cost and the income returns. Therefore, a Kadaknath farmer can earn around Rs. 82,000 in 6 months with just 500 Kadaknath birds in just 5 guntas or 0.1 acre or 5000 sq.ft area. Suppose if a farmer start in 1 acre area with Kadaknath Chicken, they can earn around Rs. 6 lakhs in a period of 6 months. Thus, more the area of Kadaknath Chicken farming, more the profits from the Kadaknath Chicken Farming AgriBusiness plan.

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This is all about the Kadaknath Chicken Farming AgriBusiness plan. For further information about the Kadaknath Chicken Farming project, comment below.

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