Goat Farming Business Plan

India is well known for its Farming and Farming communities. There are various types of Farming viz., Integrated Farming, mixed Farming, organic farming which gives high returns for the Farmers and the farming families. However, many Farmers are unaware of the incomes from various farming systems. Much rural youth are also unaware of the farming income and management. In this regard, we are here to let you know about Goat Farming which gives an annual net profit of Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh.

Assumptions of Economics of Goat Framing with 60 Goats       

  • Let us assume that a Goat Farmer starts Goat Farming in his own land area of 2700 sq. ft.  with 60 Goats that includes 50 female Goats and 10 male Goats.
  • Sirohi or Black Bengal or Osmanbadhi or Ganjam Goat breed is better to Start commercial Goat Farming. The average cost of those bucks and doe is around Rs. 2000 and Rs. 1500 at the age of 9-10 months. Therefore, the Total cost of Goats for Goat Framing is Rs. 20000 for Male Goats and Rs. 75000 for male Goats which accounts for Rs.95,000 for Goats.
  • In this economic semi-intensive Goat Farming system, grazing outside is allowed for about 5-6 hours a day that is free of cost.
  • The labor cost is of course zero as the Goat Farmer himself pays for his daily routine work.
  • The goat farmer has to give concentrate feed to the Goats that is considered to be Rs. 2000 per quintal which incursRs. 20000 per month.
  • The Goat fertility rate is considered to be 90% and mortality @5%.
  • The cost of feeding equipment is around Rs. 20 each.
  • The insurance premium for Goats is 4% of the animal cost.
  • The selling price of Adult parent goat is Rs. 1500 and 16-month-old goat is Rs. 2000 and grower goat i.e 8 months old is Rs. 1200 and weaner kit @Rs. 500 each.

Cost of Goat Farming

Cost of non-recurring expenditure in Goat Farming

  1. Cost of 10 male goats X Rs. 2000    = Rs. 20,000
  2. Cost of 60 female goats X Rs. 1500             = Rs. 75,000
  3. Approximate cost of housing          = Rs. 2,30,000

Cost of recurring expenditure in Goat Farming

  1. Cost of feed                                                                = Rs. 2,80,000
  2. Cost of medicine and vaccination for Goats           = Rs. 20,000
  3. Cost of feeders and waterers                                  = Rs. 4,000
  4. Insurance cost                                                           = Rs. 3,800
  5. Interest rate of 12% for Rs. 2,30,000 loan                        = Rs. 27,600

Total cost of Goat Framing for 1 year is Rs. 3,25,400

Income returns from Goat Farming (1 year)

  1. Sale of parent goat stock @ Rs. 3500 for 57 no’s             = Rs. 1,95,000
  2. Sale of 12 month old goats 65 no’s @ Rs.3000     = Rs. 1,95,000
  3. Sale of 6 months old goats 65 no’s @ Rs.1800     = Rs. 52,000
  4. Sale of Goat litter ( 150 quintals)                            = Rs. 32,000

Total income from Goat farming in one year is Rs. 5,95,000

Therefore Net profit from Goat farming is Income – Cost = Net profit

Rs. 5,95,000 – Rs. 3,25,400 = Rs. 2,70,100

Therefore, on average the Goat farmer can earn around Rs. 22,000 to 27,000 per month approximately from 60 goats on his own farm.

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