Goat Farming Advantages and Disadvantages

Benefits of Goat Farming:

  • Goat farming has several advantages over the farming of other domesticated animal species.
  • Starting a goat farming business requires low initial investment than starting speculation than dairy, piggery, and poultry.
  • Goat devours less feed (1/5th of cattle and buffalo).
  • No competition with individuals for grains like pig and fowl bringing about lesser feed cost.
  • Goat is a productive creature, produces twins even triple, and quadruplet.
  • They are strong creature, sickness rate is less as compared to cattle, pig, and fowl, and health management cost is lesser.
  • Goat milk is easily digestible and has medicinal values.
  • Goats are called the “foster mother of humans” as it is milk for human consumption with fewer allergic problems. Goat milk is rich in certain amino acids i.e. histidine, aspartic acid, phenylalanine, threonine; certain minerals i.e. sodium, iron, copper; certain vitamins i.e., vitamin A, nicotinic acid, and choline.
  • Goatskin is of high qualities for example Bengal goatskin is of the best quality in the world.
  • Goat meat is delectable, nutritious, and healthy.
  • Its’ hair e.g. Pashmina and Mohair are esteemed high in the global market.
  • Feces and pee of goat are wealthy in NPK and are utilized in the field for improving soil fertility.
  • No need for a high-end housing system for goats and can undoubtedly impart their living spot to their proprietors and different creatures. Goats are effectively accessible, relatively less expensive in value, simple to keep up, and fit for embracing themselves with practically a wide range of agro-climatic conditions. The commercial goat farming business is a great source of employment and income.
  • So unemployed educated people can easily create great employment and income source through Commercial goat farming business.
  • Above mentioned focuses show that the goat is a potential animal for the financial growth of a Goat Farmer and employment generation.

Economics of Goat Farming

Challenges of Goat Farming:

  • If goat farming is practiced in an extensive system, it may cause harm to crops and even soil erosion like all grazing animals e. g cattle, buffalo, and sheep.
  • Consumption of goat milk is less because of awful odor.
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