How to make Neemasthra Organic Pesticide

Neemasthra Organic Pesticide

            Neemasthra is an excellent natural organic pesticide for crop plants. In other words, Neemasthra is also known as Neem missile for plants. This natural insecticide plays an important and prominent role in natural farming as well as organic farming. However, many farmers are unaware of how to make Neemasthra organic pesticides. In order to let every organic farmer mus know about the preparation process of Neemasthra, we have come up with the content on Neemasthra natural pesticide preparation, materials required as well as use and application of Neemasthra organic pesticide.

Materials required to prepare Neemasthra Organic Pesticide

  1. Clean water – 10lt
  2. Cow dung – 5kg
  3. Cow urine – 5lt
  4. Neem leaves – 5kg
  5. Barrel/ Plastic drum – 1 no. (50 lt)

Neemasthra Organic Pesticide Preparation process

  • Take 100-liter water and add 5-liter local cow urine in it.
  • Then, add 5 kg local cow dung to it.
  • Crush 5 kg of neem leaves & add this neem pulp in this water and mix thoroughly.
  • Let this solution ferment for 24 hrs and stir this solution twice in a day by any wooden stick or glass rod.
  • After 5 to 7 days, filter the prepared solution using a muslin cloth.      
  • Neemasthra natural pesticide is then ready to use.

How to make Brahmsthra Natural Pesticide

Neemasthra use and application in Organic Farming

  • Spray this prepared neemastra @100% on the plants in order to control sucking pests and mealy bugs.
  • Spray Neemasthra by mixing 10ml – 20ml per liter of water.

Pests controlled by Neemasthra pesticide

  • Neemasthra natural pesticide effectively controls various insects’ pests such as caterpillars, loopers, thrips, aphids, jassids, hoppers, whiteflies, and other sucking pests.
  • There is also evidences that Neemasthra also controls some plant diseases like spots and rots to an extent.

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