Cow Urine as Natural Fertilizer

            Cow Urine or Gomutra has many prominent properties in farming. Cow urine is known as Sanjivani and Amritha in ancient Ayurvedic studies. The cow urine contains 23 types of macro and micronutrients necessary for plants. In addition, it also helps in increasing the tolerance level in the plants against various diseases and insect pests. Cow urine consists of 95% water, 2.5% Urea and 2.5% is a complex of minerals, salts, enzymes and hormones which are essential for the better growth of Crop plants.

            The usage of Cow urine has been prominently increasing nowadays in the field of natural farming and organic farming. We will let you know about the steps to prepare and store cow urine natural fertilizer, use and application of cow urine organic fertilizer.

Steps to prepare Cow Dung-Urine Organic Pesticide

Preparation, Use, Application and Dosage of Cow Urine

Materials required for Cow urine Natural Fertilizer

  • Cow urine – 10 lt
  • Iron rod bits – 1/2 no
  • Barrel – 100 lt cpacity

Steps to Prepare Cow Urine Natural Fertilizer

  • Collect 10 lt of cow urine in a plastic container and add 1 or 2 bits of iron or steel rod into it.
  • Then, the colour of the whole liquid changes to black colour.
  • Allow it to remain for about 4 days, on the 5th day, the cow urine natural fertilizer is ready to apply and use.

Use and Application of Cow Urine Natural Fertilizer

  • Spray 5% (5 ml in 1 lt water) prepared cow urine mixture during early stages of the crop and 10% (10 ml in 1 lt water) at late stages of the crop.
  • Cow Urine can be applied on all the crop plants viz., vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses and flower crops.
  • This cow urine also increase the resistance of plants against various types of insects and disease causing microbes.
  • Store the prepared cow urine liquid in plastic or earthen pot type container which can be stored for many days as compared to other natural cow urine pesticides.

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