Fermented Buttermilk Natural Fungicide

            Natural Pesticides play a major role in Organic Farming as well as Natural Farming. Among the natural pesticides, natural fungicides are available to a limited extent. Many farmers could not buy most of the existing natural fungicide. Neither the farmers are unaware of the preparation process of Natural Fungicides. The preparation process of Natural Fungicides will never be a problem in the future days. This is the right place you are searching for the natural fungicides for various plant disease control.

            There are many natural fungicides to protect crop plants from various types of disease pests. Among them is Fermented Buttermilk that acts as an effective control for leaf spot diseases and powdery mildew disease.

Tobacco Brew as Natural Pesticide

Materials required to prepare Fermented Buttermilk

  • Buttermmilk made from Cow milk – 6 litres (1 lt water in 5 kg curd).
  • Clean water – 100 lt.
  • Barrel – 200 lt capacity.

Steps to prepare Fermented Buttermilk Natural Fungicide

  • Let the buttermilk ferment for 6 days in an earthen pot or plastic container.
  • Later mix 6 lt of pure fermented buttermilk into 100 lt water. In addition, 250 gm Ginger and 250 gm Green chilli paste can also be added if required.
  • Fermented Buttermilk is now ready to spray on the crop.
  • Fermented Buttermilk can be applied on all types of crop. It is suggested to spray fermented buttermilk natural fungicide during morning or evening hours.

Use and Application of Buttermilk Natural Fungicide

  • For better results spray the fermented buttermilk twice or thrice in 10-day intervals of disease incidence.
  • Buttermilk Natural Fungicide helps in controlling diseases like leaf spots and powdery mildews in all types of crops.

This is all about the steps to prepare fermented buttermilk, use, application, and dosage of Fermented Buttermilk Natural Fungicide.

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