CIBRC approved Pesticides list

CIBRC – Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee came into action from August 1971 in order to publish the Insecticide rules 1971.

CIBRC provides the list of pesticides viz., fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, and herbicides that are approved by the Government of India. It includes the dosage of the pesticide active ingredient.

Below is the CIBRC, Govt. of India approved list of pesticides

The above is the list of pesticides and chemicals approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, and cooperation, Government of India.

CIBRC approved Insecticides, CIBRC approved Fungicides, CIBRC approved, Herbicides, CIBRC approved Biopesticides, CIBRC approved PGA (Plant Growth Regulators)

These are the list of pesticides used in Agriculture in India in PDF format. For more information subscribe to our newsletter and comment below.

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