What is Tal Ya Tray

Tal Ya tray – smart agri solution

Tal-ya is a square shape, hard, concave plastic trays made of polypropylene material. It covers the plant’s root system and directs water and fertilizer to the rhizosphere zone of the plants. Tal-Ya tray technology maximises water use efficiency by using dew and condensation form of water and it is efficient than normal irrigation and rainwater. It collects Dew at night and it is channelled down to the plant’s root system. Evaporation loss is reduced and the Condensation will build up beneath the plant during the day and keeps the soil moist. Tal Ya trays combine the benefits of mulching with the collection of dew and runoff. The tray is placed around the stem/crown which creates a controlled microclimate where the temperature is more stable, soil evaporation is under control and weed growth is retarded. So, the tray has a similar effect as plastic mulching around the plant. The aluminium composite in the tray responsible for the stabilization of temperature between night and day and promotes dew formation. Furthermore, when it rains, the tray conveys the rainwater straight to the root zone of the plant.

Tal Ya tray irrigation technology

How to install Tal Ya tray in field

The Tal ya trays (55 cm x 72 cm) are put around the plant stem at the base. This can be placed for both annual plants and perennial species. The trays have to be installed every year at the beginning of the growing season of crops. Maintenance requirements are minimal and the trays can be safely disposed of because they are made up of recyclable plastic. The expenses for purchasing the trays and placing them (life span is at least 6 years) can be covered within one or 2 years. Because capillarity suction is heavily decreased it reduces evaporation, salts present in brackish water. It costs 3 USD/ Rs. 180  for a tray of 55 cm by 72 cm.

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Benefits of Tal Ya tray

Tal Ya try is easy to use and it saves at least 50% of water, at least 30 % of fertilizer input by reducing the wash of nutrients below the root system. In addition, it creates favorable conditions in the root zone to stimulate the growth of symbiotic bacteria and fungi. This ensures better nutrient uptake and improves plant growth. Tal ya irrigation technology brings faster ripening of fruits and better quality. Trays reflect the sunlight into the shadowed part of the trees and plant canopy that accelerates photosynthesis. It also reduces the winter hibernation period and enhances trees blooming as soil temperatures are a little higher under the trays. This technology is excellent for soil conservation as it prevents soil erosion and salinization by controlling salts to reach the surface of the plant and it increases soil fertility.

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