Problems of Cold Storage Warehouses

            We know that there are many benefits and profits from storing agricultural produce in cold storage. However, there exists some problems too. Below are the major problems and disadvantages of storing agricultural produce in cold storage warehouses.

How to Start Cold Storage Warehouse AgriBusiness

Cons and Problems of Cold Storage Warehouses

Government role: There is less involvement of government due to which the private investments are less.

Fruit Softening: For some fruits like Mango, the texture becomes soft that decreases the market value. In addition, fruit softening, poor color development, higher TA, reduced aroma and flavor are also some constraints of cold storage.

Loans and Subsidies: There are fewer subsidies and loans by the Government.

Lack of Processing Industries: Sometimes, at a certain time period due to the unavailability of processing industries, the preserved materials are rotten.

Poor Infrastructure Facilities: There is more number of Cold Storage Warehouses lacking minimum technical infrastructural facilities.

Access to Cold Storages: Transport the post-harvest produce to the cold storages at a specific period of time. In some regions, many farmers cannot access them at that time period.

Less Intervention Of Central Institutes: Food Corporation of India (FCI), CWC &  SWC (Central and  State Warehousing Corporations) is not involving in improving Perishable products storage.

Poor Colour Development: In some fruits like mango and apple, storing in Cold Storages causes poor color formation.

Reduced aroma and Flavour: Fruits like Mango, Pineapple, banana, Oranges this problem is seen in Cold Storage Warehouses.

Lack of Social Welfare Initiatives: There are fewer such initiatives in our country.

Disease and Pest Incidence: There are some pests that can even thrive in cool atmospheric conditions.

Lack of technical knowledge: A person who operates the Cold Storage Warehouse must be a skilled professional.

            Above are some of the major problems in cold storage warehouses. However, if you overcome the above constraints, one can succeed in cold storage Agribusiness. For more information about Cold storage and its advantages and other information, comment below.

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