Kunoichi Miticide

Kunoichi Acaricide description

Kunoichi Acaricide/ Miticide description
Trade nameKunoichi
Technical nameCyenopyrafen 30% SC
ProducerNissan chemical corporation, Japan
Manufacturing and MarketingInsecticides India ltd, India
Chemical groupBeta-ketonitrile derivatives
Chemical classificationAcaricide
Form of AcaricideLiquid formulation
Purity available 98%, 99%, 100%
Mode of Action (MoA)Cyenopyrafen inhibits the mitochondrial complex II electron transport in the mites. Energy metabolisation (good proof that action at this protein complex is responsible for insecticidal/ miticidal effects)
DescriptionKunoichi Acaricide is effective in controlling and killing all stages of the mite pest. The acaricide has a quick action that starts within 6 hrs of application and kills the mites within a period of 48 hrs.
Application    Agriculture fields, Mite insects control
Target pests  All species of Mites (egg to adult stage)
Crops All vegetables and fruit crops
Size/ Packs available50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml
Dosage100-120 ml/ acre or 0.6 ml/lt water  
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