How to control Aphid insects

            Aphids are the tiny insects that cause major infestation problem in vegetables and kitchen garden. It is very easy to control aphids if you go through this agriculture pest control information. Many people ask for What is the best way to kill aphids? Can I use vinegar to kill aphids? What causes aphid infestation? how to control aphids organically, aphids control chemical, systemic insecticide for aphids, how to prevent aphids, killing aphids with soapy water, homemade aphid spray, where do aphids come from?

            In this post, we will clear all your queries related to how to get rid of Aphids in the vegetable urban kitchen garden and in Agri farming.

Symptoms/ Signs of Aphids infestation on plants

  • Curled & deformed leaves with insects seen the underside of the leaves and shoots.
  • Aphids infested plants show stunted growth.
  • Yellowing, crinkling, and cupping of leaves are observed.
  • Aphid insects secrete a sticky, sugary substance called honeydew which encourages the growth of sooty mold on the plants.
  • Aphids infested parts become discolored.
  • High humidity favors the multiplication of this pest.
  • They mould the leaves disturbs the photosynthetic process of leaves.

Photo credits: Dandu Adarsh

Organic control of Aphid insects

  • It is very easy to control Aphids organically. Install yellow sticky traps worth Rs.5 in your kitchen garden @ 3-5/ 1000 sq. ft area or 5-10/ acre.
  • Spray Neem oil 1500 ppm @5-10 ml/lt water.
  • Handpick the Aphid insects and destroy them.
  • Spray soap solution @ 30gm soap in 1 lt water and spray with huge force on to the aphids feeding underside of the plant leaves.

Chemical control of Aphids

  • Chemical or Pesticides that are used to control Aphid insects are known as Insecticides.
  • There are various systemic and contact insecticides to control Aphids.
  • Below are the insecticides with dosage to control aphid insects.
  • Spray Acetamiprid 20.00% SP 2gm/lt water or Cyantraniliprole 10.26% OD @1ml/lt water or  Fenvalerate 20.00% EC @0.5ml/lt water or  Fipronil 05.00% SC @1.5ml/lt water or  Imidacloprid 70.00% WS @1gm/lt water or  Profenofos 50.00% EC @2ml/lt water.

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This is all about How to get rid of Aphids organically and chemically. Furthermore, if you have any queries related to How to control aphid insects and other plant insects, comment below.

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