How to Use Plantix App in Simple Steps

What is Plantix App: Digital agriculture is advancing through the use of improved sensors, accurate computer vision systems, and powerful artificial intelligence. In the future maybe, large-scale farms will use remote and built-in sensors, the cloud storage in digital warehouses, artificial intelligence software to analyze the huge volumes of data to guide farming. Presently, Plantix was a huge successful artificial intelligence app to provide information to farmers. Plantix is a mobile crop advisory app for extension workers, farmers, and gardeners.

Who started Plantix App: Plantix was started in 2015. Husband-wife duo Rob Strey and Simone Strey has developed this app under their startup Progressive Environmental and Agricultural Technologies (PEAT) GmbH, a Berlin-based Artificial Intelligence startup.

Plantix App Guide

Steps to Use Plantix App on Mobile/ Computer:

Many out there don’t know How the Plantix app works. In this section, we are going to give the steps to use the Plantix App Guide for your queries.

  1. The app works by taking support from Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Deep Neural Networks.
  2. As the first step, the Farmer should take images of the diseases.
  3. Then he/she has to upload images to the Plantix app.
  4. After scanning with many images, the app comes to a conclusion.
  5. Furthermore, you will get recommendations to treat and prevent further damage.
  6. It also gives disease alerts to farmers.

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Uses of Plantix App:

  1. It can diagnose pest damage, plant disease, and nutrient deficiencies along with corresponding treatment measures.
  2. The app is for all major crops and the information available in many languages.
  3. It facilitates the access of scientists, farmers, and plant experts to discuss the plant health issues.
  4. Users can participate in the online community to access their local weather reports.
  5. Plantix app has listed as one among the 6 ‘Change the World’ companies by Fortune Magazine during September 2017.
  6. The Plantix app can help minimize pests and disease effects on plants as users continue to use and share their experiences.
  7. While the Plantix app has covered 30 major crops, detected 400 images of plant damages, available in 18 languages, and more than 10 million downloads.

How to Download the Plantix App:

This is all about how to use the Plantix App Guide. If you wish to download the Plantix app, go to the Android Play Store or Apple store. There you have to search for the Plantix app. Furthermore, the Plantix app logo is a green color with three leaves embedded in its circled logo. The caption of the Plantix app is to grow smart. Download the Plantix app by clicking install.

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