Sericulture Income Returns

Many Farmers and individual entrepreneurs want to increase their income margins. Sericulture Farming is one of the major profitable agribusinesses in India. Sericulture income is high as the demand for silk in the Indian Market is increasing. Advantages of Sericulture Agribusiness are many.  Many Farmers and unemployed individuals are venturing into Sericulture Farming nowadays. Most of us don’t know about the sericulture income returns. Hence, in this post, we come up with Expected income returns from sericulture agribusiness.

Income returns in Sericulture Farming in India

            We know the cost of establishing a Sericulture Agribusiness. If proper care and management is taken within the silkworm shed and mulberry farms, profits from this business rise parallel.

            We all know the advantages of sericulture farming in India. Hence, many farmers and individuals are investing in this Agribusiness. In the last post, we got to know about the Cost of sericulture Farming. It is easy to start Silkworm rearing. However, gaining higher profits from Sericulture Farming is difficult. Most people are unaware of income returns from Silkworm rearing. Hence, in this article, we have come up with information of Sericulture Income Returns in India.

Most of us have queries like sericulture business plan, sericulture Farming Profit, and Cost-benefit analysis of Sericulture. In recent days, the Sericulture industry is a technical agribusiness with rapid changes. It gives huge margins if maintained in an effective manner. If proper care and management are taken within the silkworm shed and mulberry farms, profits from this business rise parallel.

            It is easy to calculate the sericulture Income returns in addition to the initial investment. But, you should consider the following procedure. For instance, to get a good income from silkworm rearing, cocoons harvested from ten DFLs should be 5 to 7 kg.

  • It is simple and easier to calculate the Benefit analysis of sericulture Farm. Always calculate the Income from sericulture farming per annum. Cost of Cocoon is around Rs.120 to Rs.150 per Kg.
  • From One Disease Free Laying of Silkworm, we get 0.7 to 1 kg of Cocoon. So, we get 7 kg from 10 DFL’s. In year we get 2,000 DFL’s from a Silkworm shed of 1400 sq.ft.
  • As the cost of DFL’s is taken as Rs.130 per Kg cocoon. Then, we can earn Rs. 2,60,000 (Two lakhs approx.) from 2,000 DFL’s.

Therefore, on average, a Sericulture farmer can earn around Rs. 25,000 per month by starting sericulture farming in India. For more information, related to Sericulture farming, comment below.

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