Quail Bird Farming in India

Quail Farming in India: Quail farming is nothing bird raising Quail birds for a profitable business. Quail bird farming is a hugely profitable business nowadays. Many Agripreneurs are earning huge incomes in Quail farming Agribusiness.

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In this post, we will clear all your queries on the go. It is easy to start Quail Farming. One can start Quail farming with a minimum birds range between 20 to 50 also. However, there are commercial Quail Farms where the birds range from 10000 to 20000. It is good to start Quail farming with minimum birds of 50. Let us first learn about the biology of Quail Birds.

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Biology of Quail Birds for Profitable Quail Bird Farming

Quail birds are compact and small birds. These birds grow up to 18 cm in size and weigh between 80 to 160 grams. Female Quail birds are slightly heavy as compared to male Quail birds. They are light to dark creamy with dark brown spots in colour. In India, we mostly grow an Asian variety of Quail birds. On average Quail, birds live up to 4-6 years. These Quail birds mostly feed on tiny seeds and insects.

            Let us check out how to start Quail Bird Farming Agribusiness.

How to start Quail Bird Farming with 50 birds

Step I: Construct a shed with  50 m X 50 m size. Raise concrete bed up to 4 feet height and raise above up to 8 feet with diamonds shaped low-cost plastic or steel grills. Cover the shed with a green metal roofing system. Make the flooring with concrete.

Step II: Install water and food bowl which are specially made for birds. Install at least 15 water bowls and food bowls.

Step III: Bring the 50 Quail bird chicks from the local market or from the nearest governemnet or private veterinary house. While transporting the birds, keep them in wooden baskets and move from one place to another place. The average of cost of each Quail bird chick is around Rs. 10- Rs. 15 only.

Step IV: Rear them in the Quail farm shed with 8-10 numbers 60 – 80 watt bulbs installed in the shed. Supply the water and food regularly once in the morning and evening. However, it is also suggested to vaccinate the Quail birds if necessary at timely intervals.

Step V: Within a period of 45-65 days, we can get 40 adult birds (20% mortality) for sale and meat purpose. However, it is good to sell only 30 birds for the first time and use the remaining birds for brooding and increasing the number of birds to 150 -250 within 6 months of the time interval.

Conclusion: Thus any Agripreneur can start up Quail farming with ease. Agripreneurs can earn around 10,000 to 20,000 per month from the Quail farming business with 50 birds.

            This a brief information about Quail bird farming Agribusiness. If you need further more information regarding Quail bird farming, comment below.

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