Latest Pesticides list for Paddy crop

Latest Pesticides for Paddy crop includes Insecticides, Fungicides and Weedicides. Rice is a staple food crop in many countries especially in Asian nations. Crop duration of Rice is around 90 to 110 days. Rice plants are attacked by various types of pests such as Insects, plant pathogens causing diseases and weeds that supress the growth of Rice plants. There are many pesticides viz., Insecticides, Fungicides and Herbicides that are used in Paddy crop production. In this post we will discuss about the major pests of Rice and latest list of Chemical pesticides to control the pests of Paddy crop. In addition, we will discuss about the technical name and trade name of pesticides with dosages.

List of Insecticides to control major insect pests in Paddy crop

            Rice plants are mostly attacked by insect pests such as Stem borer, Leaf folder, Brown Plant Hopper (BPH), Green Leaf Hopper (GLH) and sucking insects like thrips. Latest list of insecticides for Paddy is given in the below table with dosages per acre.

Insect pestInsecticide (Technical name)Dosage/ acreDosage/ litre waterInsecticide (Trade name)Name of the company
Stem borerFipronil 0.3% GR7 kg Monil GRAtul crop care
Flubendiamide 480SC (39.35% w/w) 70 gm FameBayer crop science
Chlorantraniliprol 18.5 %SC  VesticorBASF  India limited
Leaf folderThiamethoxam 25% WG40-50 gm SporaAtul crop care
Lamda Cyhalothrin 5 % EC100 ml Xylo 5Atul crop care
Brown Plant Hopper (BPH)Thiamethoxam 30% FS3 ml/ kg seed as seed treatment Spora superAtul crop care
Dinotefuran 20% SG60-80 gm TokenIndofil India limited
Pymetrozine 50% WG1 kg ChessSyngenta
Triflumezopyrim 10% SC94 ml PexalonCorteva/ DuPont
Green Leaf Hopper (GLH)Thiamethoxam 30% FS3 ml/ kg seed as seed treatment Spora superAtul crop care
Sucking pests (Thrips) and Gall midgeSpinetoram 11.7% SC160 ml Summit (Deligate)Dow Agrosciences
Buprofezin 25% SC  ApplaudTata Rallis, Orion
Acetamiprid 20% SP 20-40 gmManikTata

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List of Fungicides to control major diseases causing Plant Pathogens in Paddy crop

            There are many microbial organisms that causes diseases in Paddy plants especially Blast, Sheath blight and False smut diseases. There are many chemical Fungicides to control these fungal plant pathogens.

DiseaseFungicide (Technical name)Dosage/ acreDosage/ litre waterFungicide (Trade name)Name of the company
BlastIsoprothioline 40% EC300 ml RhizoAtul crop care
Isoprothioline 40% EC300 ml FujioneRallis India ltd
Tebuconazole 50%+ Trifloxystrobin 25% WG500 gm NativoBayer crop science
Zineb 68% + Hexaconazol 4% WP400 gm AvtarIndofil industries ltd
Hexaconazole 5 % EC300 ml ContafRallis India ltd
Carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63% WP300 gm SaafUPL
Tricyclazole 75% WP400 ml BeamDow Agroscience/ Corteva
Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% SC300 ml CustodiaAdama
Picoxystrobin 7% + Tricyclazole 20.33% SE400 ml Galileo sensa Corteva agriscience
Sheath blightPicoxystrobin 7% + Propiconazole 12% SC400 ml Galileo wayCorteva agriscience
Tebuconazole 50%+ Trifloxystrobin 25% w/w WG (75 WG)500 gm NativoBayer crop science
Fluxapyroxad 6.25% + Epoxiconazole 6.25% EC250-300 ml FenderPI Industries
Zineb 68% + Hexaconazol 4% WP400 gm AvtarIndofil industries ltd
Hexaconozole 5 % SC400 ml TriggerBiostadt India ltd
Hexaconazole 5 % EC300 ml ContafRallis India ltd
Thifluzamide 24% SC150 ml PulsorInsecticdes India limited
Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% w/w SC300 ml CustodiaAdama
False SmutCopper Hydroxide 77% WP 2.5 gm/lt waterBlue shieldBayer
Flupyram 17.7% + Tebuconazole 17.7% SC 0.5 ml/lt waterLuna experienceBayer
Picoxystrobin 7.05% + Propiconozole 11.7% SC400 ml2 ml/lt waterGalileo wayCorteva agriscience
Tricyclazole 18% + Tebuconozole 14.4% SC 2 ml/lt water  

List of Herbicides to control major weeds in Paddy crop

WeedHerbicide (Technical name)TypeDosage/ acreHerbicide (Trade name)Name of the company
Grasses, Sedges, Broad leaf weeds,Bispyribac Sodium 10% SCPost Emergent, Broad Spectrum systemic herbicide80-120 mlNominee GoldPI Industries
Annual grasses and broad leaved weeds* Pendimethalin 30 % ECPre- emergence PanidaTata Rallis India ltd
All type of weeds such as rasses, sedges and some broad leaf weedsPretilachlor 50% E.CPre-emergence, broad-spectrum herbicide of Chloroacetamide group250 mlRifitSyngenta
Grasses, Sedges, Broad leaf weeds,Pyrazosulfuron 0.15% + Pretilachlor 6% GRPre-emergent,, Broadspectrum4 kg/acreEros GoldUPL
Target grassy weedsCyhalofop-Butyl 5.1% + Penoxsulam 1.02% OD (Oil Dispersable)Broad-spectrum800 mlVivayaCorteva

This is all about latest pesticides in order to control various insects, diseases and weeds in the Paddy crop. For more information, comment below.

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