How to control Mites in Vegetables

It is very difficult to control mite insects in vegetables. There are various types of Mites. However, only Red spider mite insects cause damage in vegetables and flower crops. In the previous post, we discussed how to control Mealybugs in the vegetable kitchen garden. Many people are asking us for How do you get rid of mites? What can I spray for mites? What are mites attracted to?  mites control insecticide, chemical control of mites, biological control of mites, homemade spider mite killer, miticide for spider mites.

            Therefore we have come up with this post on How to control Red spider mites insect pest in vegetables, flowers, and kitchen garden plants. We will let you know about symptoms to identify the Red spider mite damage in vegetables and flower plants, chemicals, or Acaricides to control mite insects and organic control of mite insects.

Damage symptoms of Red spider Mites

  • Mites damage symptoms are seen on vegetables as well as in flowers.
  • We can see white dots or spots on the leaves, fruits, and flowers.
  • In the early morning and evening hours, we can observe red colour mites sucking the cell sap underside of the leaf.
  • We can also see webbing patterns on leaves and flowers of Red spider mite-infested plants.
  • However, consult with your Crop Protection or Agriculture advisor to confirm the red spider mite infestation on the vegetable plants.

How to control Red spider Mite Insect pests

We have cleary given below how to do chemical as well as organic control of Red spider mite insects in kitchen gardening.

Organic control of Red spider mite insect pest

  • Spray homemade garlic and red chilly paste solution (20-30 gm paste in 1 lt water).
  • Foliar application of Neem oil 1500 ppm @5ml/lt water during evening hours at weekly intervals.
  • Spray Bacillus thurengenesis (Bt) formulation every 3 days interval.
  • Release Predatory mites (Phytoseiulus persimilis).

Chemical control of Red spider mite insect pest

  • A chemical that is used to control mites is known as Miticides or Acaricides.
  • The following are the miticides with dosages used to control Red Spider Mites in Vegetables, flowers, and fruit crops.
  • Spray wettable suphur @ 3ml/lt water or Propargite 57.00% EC @ 2ml/lt water or Dicofol @5ml/lt water or Chlorfenapyr 10.00% SC @ 2ml/lt water or Diafenthiuron 50.00% WP @ 1ml/lt water or Propargite 50% + Bifenthrin 5% w/w SE  @ 2ml/lt water or Dimethoate 30.00% EC  @ 2ml/lt water or Emamectin benzoate 05.00% SG @ 0.2gm/lt water or Fenpropathrin 30.00% EC  @0.5ml/lt water or Oxydemeton-methyl 25.00% EC  @1.5 ml/lt water or Hexythiazox 05.45% w/w EC  @0.3 ml/lt water or Spiromesifen @0.3ml/lt water.

Therefore, this is all about How to get rid of Red spider mites in Vegetables and kitchen gardens. If you have any further more queries regarding how to control insect pests in the kitchen garden, comment below.

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