Cercospora leaf spot disease

Cercospora leaf spot disease is a major problem in Chilli. The disease is caused by a fungal pathogen Cercospora capsici. In this agriculture disease article, we will discuss all about Chilli Cercospora leaf spot disease symptoms, organic and chemical control.

Symptoms of Cercospora leaf spot disease

  • Brownish circular spots with light-greyish centers with reddish brownish margins on leaves are seen.
  • Later, the spots develop into large tan circular spots measuring up to 1.5 cm size diameter with whitish center surrounded with dark concentric rings.
  • Rough dark ring spot with yellow hallow resembles a characteristic symptom like “frog eye”.
  • Further, the spots coalesce and form large leaf lesions. Later, the whitish center dries and leaves shot hole symptom
  • In severe stages of Cercospora leaf spot disease, leaves turn to yellow, wilt, drop and expose the chilli fruits to sunscald disorder.
  • At the final stages,  Cercospora leaf spots are also observed on leaf stalk and calyx regions often lead to stem-end rot disease.

Damping-off disease control in Chilli

Organic control of Cercospora leaf spot disease of Chilli

  • Hot water seed treatment of Chilli seeds @520C for 30 mins before sowing on to nursery seedbed.
  • Spray biocontrol agents such as Trichoderma @5-10 gm/lt water or Trichoderma @ 5-10 ml/lt water.

Chemical control of Cercospora leaf spot disease of Chilli

  • Seed treatment with fungicides like Captan @3 gm/kg seed.
  • Spray fungicides such as Copper oxychloride 50% WP @2.5 gm/lt water or Hexaconazole 75% WG @ 0.1gm/lt water or Zineb 75%WP @ 2 gm/lt water or you can also spray complex fungicides such as Carbendazim12% + Mancozeb 63% WP @ 1.5 gm/lt water or Kresoxim-methyl 15% + Chlorothalonil 56% WG @ 2 gm/lt water.

This is all about the symptoms, chemical control, and organic control of Cercospora leaf spot disease in Chilli crop. If you have further queries regarding other agriculture crops, comment below.