Buffalo Milk vs Goat Milk

Buffalo Milk and Goat Milk: We know that Buffalo milk, as well as Goat milk, are nutritious for human health. However, there might be some minute and high differences among the buffalo and goat milk nutritional contents. In this post, we will let you know the differences between Buffalo Milk and Goat Milk.

Buffalo Milk vs Goat Milk

ParticularsBuffalo MilkGoat Milk
Fat contentHighLow
Lactose ContentHighLow
TasteHas Better tasteTastes less than Buffalo Milk
DigestionComparatively less digestible than Goat MilkEasy
Calcium and Phosphorous ContentMoreLess  
Iron ContentLessMore  
Vitamin ContentsMoreLess  
Fatty acids PresentLong-chain Fatty acids are present in Buffalo MilkShort and Medium Chain Fatty acids
Energy100cal/100gm60 cal/100 gm
Milk ProductionHigh than Goat milk6 to 8 Goats Produce as much as Single Buffalo
Allergic Sometimes allergicSmooth and contains anti-allergic properties
Suitable For EldersMore suitableLess suitable  
Suitable For ChildrenLess suitableMore suitable
Cholesterol contentHighLeast amounts
Water ContentLessMore  
Milk solidsMoreLess  

            This is all about the major differences between Goat Milk and Buffalo Milk. For more details regarding Buffalo farming and Goat Farming, comment below.

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Buffalo Milk vs Goat Milk FAQ’s

Which Animal Milk is better for human ?

Buffalo Milk is better for humans of all ages.

Which is the healthiest milk for humans?

Buffalo Milk is considered the healthiest milk for humans.

Is Goat Milk better than Buffalo milk?

Goat Milk is better than Buffalo milk at some contexts only as said in the above table.

What Milk is closest to Human milk?

Cow milk is closest to human milk.

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