Agriculture crop seasons in India

India is a subcontinent with varied agricultural crop seasons. Many people are unaware of  What is an agricultural season? What are Rabi Kharif and Zaid seasons? What are the different cropping seasons? What is Kharif season in India? Agricultural seasons in India, Kharif season in India, in which season are Rabi crops are sown in India, zaid season, what are the three cropping seasons in India, major crops of India table.

Number of Agriculture crop seasons:

            There are three agriculture crop seasons in India. They are Kharif season, Rabi and Summer season.

  • Kharif season is during the months of June to September/ 1st fortnight of October. It is also known as Rainfed season.
  • Rabi season is from 2nd fortnight of October/November to February. It is also known as Yasangi.
  • Whereas, summer season is from March to May. Summer season is also know Zaid season. It is the shortest crop season.

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