Cherry Tomato Farming Package of Practices

Cherry Tomato Farming Business: If you wish to Start Cherry Tomato Farming, it is well and good profitable Farming Idea. In recent times, many people are looking towards Hitech Agri-Business that gains huge margins. Many Corporate professionals also stepping into the Farm Business knowing their great demand. Among all the Hi-Tech Agri-Business that gains huge Income returns, Cherry Tomato Farming is the one among them. There is a huge demand for Cherry Tomatoes in the market nowadays. 1 Kg of Cherry Tomatoes Costs Rs.70 to Rs.80. Knowing the Cherry Tomatoes demand and lack of supply many Entrepreneurs, Farmers, and individuals are heading towards Cherry Tomato Farming Business.

It is, of course, a good idea if you wish to start Cherry Tomato Farming. However, many Individuals, Farmers, and Entrepreneurs are having lack knowledge in doing this Cherry Tomato Farming. Therefore, we have come up with this post on How to Start Cherry Tomato Farming Business. One can get huge margins if he takes proper care and management in the Cherry Tomato Farming within 40 to 55 days of Starting the Cherry Tomato Farming.

How to Start Cherry Tomato Farming Business

It is, however, good to Start Cherry Tomato Farming in a greenhouse or Polyhouse. Earlier we have given all the information regarding Starting or Constructing a Polyhouse. Cherry Tomato Farming suits better and profitable in Polyhouse Farming. The poly house is a house that is made up of artificial environmental conditions for the Cherry Tomato Plants. Below are the Steps to Start Cherry Tomato Farming Business.

Selection of Cherry Tomato Seedlings: Visit your nearest Seed Market in order to get the Cherry Tomato Seedling. However, you can also get the Cherry Tomato Seedling online at amazon. Click here to buy Cherry Tomatoes Online. Buy high-yielding and disease-resistant Cherry Tomato Seedlings. Some of the famous Cherry Tomato varieties are Sun gold, Sun Sugar, Chadwick, Fox Cherry Tomato, and many. 

Soil Preparation in the Cherry Tomato Poly House: It is better to Start in the Half Acre area. Organic Cherry Tomato Farming is much better and profitable than Synthetic Farming. Earlier 2 Times Ploughing followed by a cultivator plowing and finally with a rotavator prepares the Land for Cherry Tomato Farming.

Transplanting of Cherry Tomato seedlings: Transplanting is done from Nursery Seedbed after 15 days of Sowing in the Nursery Seedbed. Raised beds suit better for the Cherry Tomato Farming. 18 inches of Row to Row Spacing is maintained during the Transplanting of Seedlings. 50 grams of Cherry Tomato Seeds are enough for 0.5 acres Polyhouse. You can sow 2,000 Cherry Tomato Seedling in an area of 0.5 Acre polyhouse.

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Water and Nutrient Management in the Cherry Tomato Farming: A drip system of Water supply and Fertigation is established. Watering is done in weekly intervals of times. In addition, supply the Jeevamrutham and Neem Oil using Fertigation Method at 10 to 12 days intervals. Furthermore, 20 Tractors of Farm Yard Manure or FYM during ploughing and 10000 ppm neem Oil Spray at 12 to 15 days interval of time after sowing helps in effective control of Pests and Diseases in the Cherry Tomato Polyhouse. However, you can also spray Ginger oil, Garlic Oil, and other Natural Oils to produce Organic Cherry Tomatoes in Cherry Tomato Farming.

Harvesting and Yield in cherry Tomato Farming: Harvesting is done after 55 to 60 days after sowing. Plucking of Cherry Tomatoes is done at 2 day of intervals for a period of 2 to 2.5 months. You can get a yield of 50 Quintals of Cherry Tomatoes from the Half Acre of Cherry Tomato Polyhouse Organic Farming Business.

Marketing of Cherry Tomatoes: The present Cost of Grade 1 or superior quality Cherry Tomatoes is around Rs.90. You can make deal with regional supermarkets that are nearer to you or make an agreement with the Private supermarkets like Reliance fresh, Heritage, more or spencers Supermarkets. Supermarkets are the better market in order to sell Cherry Tomatoes.

We hope you have satisfied with this information on How to Start Cherry Tomato Farming Agri-Business. However, you can also comment below if you have any queries. Click the below link for more information on Cherry Tomato Agri-Business.

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