An update for Indian Farmers – Farmer’s need to update their version from APMC to eNAM to vicissitude their agricultural marketing commodities.

Agriculture Market or eNAM is an online trading service for farmers in India. The market desires to help farmers, traders, and buyers with online trading in better price discovery and provide facilities for smooth marketing of their produce. Presently, markets in agricultural are regulated under the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Act enacted by State Governments. There are about 2477 principal regulated markets (the APMCs) and 4843 sub-market yards regulated by the respective APMCs in India.

            Nirmala Sitaraman has given a statement to interchange the farmers from Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMCs)  to electronic national agricultural market (eNAM) which is integrated with national agricultural societies to achieve quality assaying solutions to promote online trading. Currently, there are  585 regulated mandis in 14 states are linked with the electronic National Agriculture Market (eNAM) launched in April 2016. So far, 73.50 lakh farmers, 53,163 commission agents, and over 1 lakh traders are registered on the eNAM network from 16 states and 2 UT’s.  The live example is that the government had procured apples in J&K through Nafed and found that not a single farmer was left with his produce unsold.

Benefits of eNAM:

  1. A national e-market platform for easy and trusted sales, dealings and price discovery.
  2. Liberal licensing of traders/buyers and commission mediators by state authorities.
  3. The scheme benefits one license for a trader valid across all markets in the State.
  4. Organization of quality standards of agricultural produce and provision to facilitate informed bidding by buyers.
  5. Single point levy of market fees, i.e. on the first wholesale purchase from the farmer.
  6. Setting up of Soil Testing Labs in/or near the certain mandi to assist visiting farmers.
  7. There is no State-wise allocation under the Scheme. The scheme is applicable on All-India basis.

Responsibility of eNAM for effective implementation-

  1. Provide a single license to be valid across the state.
  2. Provision for a single point levy of market fee.
  3. Provision for electronic auction for price discovery.

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